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Billions of people have viewed Ten Fold on the internet and the reaction is resoundingly positive. It is clear that our technology is relevant, economic and versatile.

Ten Fold levers can carry objects in straight or curved trajectories with equal ease.

This is the simplest, fastest and most economic way to bring our technology to people that need it.

Yes, Ten Fold systems make complex and power hungry manoeuvres simpler and easier to drive.

To make mechanical systems simpler, stronger and more economic.

Yes, by reducing complexity and over specialisation in a system which in turn reduces redundancy.

Anyone who offers quality, economy and reliability of service can become a Ten Fold licensee.

Ten Fold invites manufactures and distributors to embrace and commercialise its technology.

Ten Fold levers are inherently cheap because they are just straight bars with pin-jointed connections.

Anyone who wants to make strong, complex, reversible and repeatable mechanical movements simply.

The ability to have and coordinate multiple drives from a single drive point gives Ten Fold enormous practical advantages over other systems.

The lever configurations are balanced so that the power input required in both directions is equal.

A Scissor Jack is based on a single pivot system. Ten Fold levers always have a two pivot system which makes them inherently stronger and able to extend further.

The levers can form upward and downward movements without requiring any part of the mechanism to be above or below the confines of the lift.

We are currently forming groups of manufactures around the world to deliver Ten Fold products to the market.

The magic is in the ability to move different things in different directions simultaneously whilst assuring strength and repeatability of action from a single drive.

Folding things allows them to take up much less space and to be transported more easily.

The levers are robust, pin jointed and triangulated making them inherently strong in all directions.

The levers can be any size required. The key is to ensure that they are strong enough and that the size when folded is practical for the intended purpose.

Ten Fold levers allow different things to be driven in different directions simultaneously, reducing the number of components in a system.

Ten Fold wants to engage with all Manufactures able to apply their expertise to the construction of this technology.

Our levers comprise interconnecting and apposed trapezoids so that they are strong in tension and compression throughout their transit from closed to open.

Ten Fold lever systems can be extended and adapted in almost any way and even complex and heavy systems can be made to be counter balanced and thus require little power to drive.

Ten Fold linkages have the advantage of being able to be driven by any of the components of the assembly, giving designers and engineers greater options for inventiveness.

Counterbalancing can greatly reduce the power requirement to deploy heavy assembles allowing some to be entirely manually operated.

This allows the unfolding process to move in perfect balance even when unfolding complex shapes.

With some Ten Fold linkages, objects can actually increase in height as they unfold.

Our demonstrator unit is driven by electronic motors, but Ten Fold is just about counterbalancing components, so almost any power source is viable and in some cases none is required.

Ten Fold Levers and the products that are based on them can be designed to be fully counter-balanced. If designs are well conceived, our lever system can be used to make surprisingly heavy things entirely manually operated.

Somethings can unfold by moving water from one part of the design to another.

We licence our technology to create opportunities for new approaches, new designs and new engineering solutions in all markets.

There has been an unprecedented positive response to Ten Fold technology posted online recently.

It is clear that everyone can benefit from the agility and flexiblity that Ten Fold technology offers.

But different people in different countries and regions have different needs and differing capacities to achieve them.

The quickest way to meet the scale, urgency and variety of the demand we have seen is by licensed manufacture.

Ten Fold technology is easy to build and assemble and many existing factories will be able to adapt to produce it.

Local and regional manufacturing will bring the product closest to where it is needed and promote employment.

We invite manufacturers interested in using our technology to contact us. 


If you would like to know more about our global product development, manufacturing and licensing opportunities, please get in touch.
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