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Our Story

TenFold Engineering is a prefabricated building company. We are delivering our paradigm shifting technology to the public for the first time.

TenFold Engineering has been in development since 2013. During this time we have worked with multiple organizations making custom one off units for special uses. For Red Bull’s Alpha Tauri F1 Team we licensed our technology so they could build a mobile innovation lab that traveled with the team. This unit brought to life the technology and innovation we now pride ourselves on.

As of November 2020 TenFold Engineering moved to the United States to continue development and start manufacturing our first model. The TF units will be offered in two sizes, 20’ and 40’, with the 20’ version being our first to production. The TF-20 will utilize our unfolding technology to be able to expand a space by 300%. This means you will be able to move your unit easily without special permits or costs while gaining the benefit of a much larger space upon arrival at your destination.

We are excited to be starting our time in the U.S. in Springfield, Vermont. Springfield has a rich history in machine manufacturing and we couldn’t be more pleased to continue that legacy with TenFold Engineering.

Stay tuned for the latest news and developments!

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