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A simple technology that allows you to do amazing things

Technology that allows space, people and the things they live and work with, to be where and when they are needed, such as...

Versatile, self-deploying, relocatable buildings:

The TF-64

  • The TF-64 is the Ten Fold default workhorse unit.
  • It can be transported by a standard truck.
  • It is self-unloading and self-deploying and can be ready to use within 10 minutes of arrival.
  • The TF-64 is built from a robust steel chassis and composite panels.
  • The TF-64 can be connected to an existing infrastructure of be partially or completely off-grid.
  • The TF-64 travels as the size of a standard high top 9m (30 ft) container.
  • The TF-64 opens to provide approximately 64m² (688ft²) of uninterrupted space.
  • When closed the unit can carry up to 20m³ of furniture and equipment including internal walls, bathrooms, kitchens and basic furniture.
  • Internal walls can be flexible to allow different use scenarios.
  • The TF-64 is designed to support additional modules such as power units, water processing and water storage.
  • Other cassette mounted devices such as stairs, balconies and canopies can be attached to the sides of the unit.
  • These units can be stacked and interconnected in almost any way.
  • The side and end panels can be solid or glazed and ‘branded’ in any way.
  • This model is fully engineered and defined and ready for adaption to mass-manufacture.
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These concepts are all achievable with our patented lever system technology:
Here is some more detail so you can better understand the Ten Fold principles:

There are no geographical limits to where these units can be installed. They do not need foundations and can be installed on sloping or uneven ground.

The folding system is very efficient, so you can make more space, more quickly and more easily with fewer trucks and no plant or labour.

Deployment takes only a few minutes and is fully reversible with equal ease and speed.

This unit expands to three times its size in transport and there is space inside for 20m3 of your furniture or equipment.

The interchangeable pod system allows you to incorporate almost any combination of folding partitions and equipment to suit any purpose.

The units can be stacked and interlinked in almost any way to provide accommodation at any scale.

The components are modular so almost any arrangement of panels, doors, windows and service pods is possible. The units can even be one-sided and hung from an existing structure.

There is space in the unit and in bolt-on modular pods for power systems, batteries, water storage, water treatment, air-handling systems, materials and equipment to suit every application.

Every element can be added, upgraded or replaced with ease, making Ten Fold units Future Proof.

Cost and Accessibility
  • There has been an unprecedented positive response to the Ten Fold imagery posted on the internet recently.
  • It is clear that people in all situations can benefit from the agility and flexiblity that Ten Fold Technology offers.
  • But different people in different countries and regions have different needs and differing capacities to achieve them.
  • Accordingly, we are developing different versions of our products to respond in an optimal way to specific challenges.
  • The quickest way to meet the scale, urgency and variety of the demand we have seen is by licensed manufacture.
  • Ten Fold technology is easy to build and assemble and many existing factories will be able to adapt to produce it.
  • Local and regional manufacturing will bring the product closest to where it is needed and promote employment.
  • Retail prices will vary due to material and labour costs, production levels, logistics, state duties and other factors.
  • In order that the benefits of Ten Fold technology are accessible to all, Licences for the TF-64 will be non-exclusive.
Ten Fold’s family of counterbalanced folding linkages are designed to bring mobility, speed, ease and reliability to your products and services.

Green levers go down, blue levers go up, when they balance they move easily, however heavy they are:
This is proven technology:

This film shows a real 64m2 unit that opens and closes in 5 minutes.

Questions & Answers

The European standard production drawings are complete.

We are already able to plan delivery dates for batch production.

The drawings are presently being converted to American Building Codes.

Delivery in all areas is now determined by the availability and capacity of contractors.

These contractors should be motivated by the public enthusiasm displayed.

We are actively seeking Manufacturers everywhere to accelerate delivery.

We project that delivery in most areas will be guaranteed by end 2018.

Delivery in USA and mainland Europe may be sooner.

The Ten Fold ambition is for manufacturers to be adjacent to customers.

The price depends on the size, complexity and comfort level of the unit.

The price will also depend on the degree of specialised adaption to the ground or location.

The price will also vary according to manufacturer, country and tariffs.

Early production cost projections indicate that this is an economic building model.

Centralised mass production of certain specialised components will reduce overall costs.

Regional adaptions of the units to cultural desires and imperatives will also affect costs.

Prices will follow shortly.

You will not be disappointed.

Yes, it IS definitely real.

6 early prototypes have been made to test theory and practice.

A full scale working prototype was built to prove the practical application.

A full licensing demonstrator model is currently underway for delivery end of September 2017.

Other units are underway in other locations.

You can watch a real film of the real unit.

The key power-saving counter-balancing effect is also shown in a real film.

Many of the other presentations seen in the website are CGI images.

But every image shows a design that can be easily achieved with Ten Fold Technology.

Ten Fold has created the default concept for the truly agile building.

A building that moves, self-unloads, folds and unfolds can be wherever it is needed.

And it’s flexible so it can be used in any way it is needed.

The ability to do this quickly and easily, confers advantage and creates opportunity.

These units can also carry the material and equipment needed to do the job.

This is a ‘one-stop’ solution for facilitating, supporting, liberating and helping people.

Agile solutions like this reduce inertia and redundancy, waste and time loss.

Solutions like this allow certain types of building and activity to be independent of land ownership.

These units are Transportable Property Assets.

It works in a very SIMPLE way.

The roofs are raised to a horizontal position by a winch or counterbalance.

The Ten Fold side extension levers move outwards by gravity.

The levers are hung from the central steel chassis.

The levers carry the full weight of the unfolding floor and the side wall.

The downward movement of the folding floor pushes the levers into their desired position.

The levers and floor lock into their final position to form a rigid relationship with the chassis.

A winch with a cable slows and controls the movement.

Reversal of the cable closes the unit and retains the side walls in a secure position.

No locks, hydraulics or feedback mechanisms are required.

The levers simultaneously drive the deployment and redeployment of the outrigger's legs.

The outrigger legs can support the weight of the unit when the delivery truck leaves.

A central ‘leg’ then engages between the chassis and the ground to support working load.

No, it will NOT squash you.

The sides move outwards by gravity so there is no possibility that they can close by gravity.

The unit only closes by being pulled inwards by a winch.

The winch has a fail-safe and there are options for complementary safety devices.

The unit cannot close until the floors are folded, by which time you would not be inside it.

The end walls are closed by hand.

The order in which the deployment operations occur actively improve safety.

Although the deployment is rapid, the mechanical levers move very slowly.

Instructions are simple and should be followed carefully.

NO, it will not blow away.

This is a structure made of robust and heavy material.

The chassis is made of heavy steel.

The levers and other supports for the different panels are also made of steel.

The combined weight of the steel and panels exceeds 20 tonnes.

The contents adds significantly to this weight.

The ratio between unit weight and surface area is too great for it to be blown away

The nature of the construction method makes it very resistant to damage from natural forces.

In many respects a Ten Fold unit has a longer life-span than a traditional hard construction.

The strong steel chassis and robust articulated parts will last indefinitely if properly maintained.

The easy detachment of the panels allows the unit to be reconfigured at any time.

The modularity and exchangeability of services cassettes ensures constant rejuvenation.

Even the power regime that drives the lever system can be changed if required.

This ensures that the unit has a 'second life’ long after normal amortisation.

This concept and configuration makes Ten Fold units ‘Future-Proof’.

In principle, there are almost unlimited options for Ten Fold units.

There is a central chassis to which almost anything can be attached.

Positions of Windows and doors can be changed.

Type, material and colour of walls, floors and roofs can be changed.

You can select the style, position and degree of automation of stairs and terraces.

You can even incorporate a lift or a disability ramp.

You can chose the floor layout.

You can chose your own internal and external service modules.

You can have roof-mounted solar panels or unfolding wall-mounted solar cassettes.

You can have water tanks in end modules or belly tanks hung below the unit.

You can stack and interconnect the units in almost any way.

It DEPENDS on the model and model type you choose.

The TF-64 that features as the first unit on the website is the size of a 9m (30’) container.

The TF-64 is 9m (30’) long, 2.44m (8’) wide and 2.98m (10’) high.

The TF-64 opens to a clear space approximately 8m x 8m (27' x 27').

The storage area available in the centre of the unit when closed is approximately 8m x 1.3m x 2.2m.

The storage area can be used for internal wall, facilities, fittings and/or storage.

The unit can be adapted to offer substantially more space by reducing the storage requirement.

In principle, the TF-64 could be manufactured 12m (40’) long to create substantially more space.

When the TF design principle is integrated with a trailer, it can be even larger.

Ten Fold Technology also allows units to expand to be wider than they are long.

Ten Fold Technology doesn’t have size restrictions beyond the structural limitations of material.

A brochure showing the dimensional possibilities of these units is being prepared.

YES, it is properly insulated.

All walls, roofs and floors have between 70mm (almost 3”) and 120mm (almost 5”) structural insulated panels.

Glazing can be double or triple glazed.

Ten Fold Design detailing avoids thermal bridging.

The panels are not perforated laterally or longitudinally by cables or pipes.

Panels are designed to support normal snow loading (see ‘Extreme Climates’).

Further details of the general specification will be issued in due course.

YES, Ten Fold units can be adapted to extreme climates.

Panels can be designed for extreme snow-loading.

Joints, bushes and seals can be desert-proof

Modified structural designs can offer thicker insulation.

High performance environmental systems can be incorporated.

Different roof shapes offered by some designs are even more suitable for some scenarios.

NO, not in the traditional sense.

All buildings, however, need stable ground.

Hard ground and soft ground tend to need different forms of support.

Our nesting pyramid foundation pads adapt well to most ground challenges.

Our nesting pads offer solutions to height and ground type differentials.

The pads can be positioned easily by one person.

Our system is ‘earth-kind’ and leaves no lasting trace.

Ten Fold units are designed to offer flexibility in layout.

Internal walls can have predetermined positions.

Some walls can be designed to move to adapt to a range of layouts.

The structure of the unit also allow completely open-plan layouts.

Some designs allow the unit to be used in multiple different ways.

All partitions can be added or removed at any time.

With these options, the user has total control over his working environment.

Ten Fold units can be installed anywhere they can be delivered on suitable ground conditions.

The units can be adapted to self-unload under controlled conditions.

The units can also be unloaded by crane.

The units can be carried by train or on, or integrated with, a trailer.

The units can be transported on the deck of a ship.

The units could even be delivered by helicopter.

Yes, you can manufacture Ten Fold Products.

You just need to have a Ten Fold Manufacturing license.

You will have to satisfy us that you can build the units to the Ten Fold Standard.

Every unit you make must be inscribed with the Ten Fold Serial Number.

The license is payable annually.

The license is for a specific number of units.

The license is renewable if the target OR targets are met.

There is a royalty payable to Ten Fold for each unit manufactured.

The license is issued for a specific Ten Fold model.

The license is issued for a specific commercial sector or geography.

The license is low cost with no minimum royalty to encourage growth.

Ten Fold units can be ‘stand-alone’ or connected to a conventional drainage installation.

The units are designed to be able to accommodate any kind of drainage system.

Standard gravity fed systems with holding tanks are possible.

Waste water treatment systems can be incorporated inside the end modules.

Vacuum systems are also able to be incorporated.

Due to the units height from the ground, it is even possible to incorporate a composting toilet.

Ten Fold Technology has almost infinite practical applications

Ten Fold Technology is flexible and can be used and re-used for different purposes in different places.

Ten Fold Technology was conceived to resolve the challenge of making buildings agile.

Ten Fold Technology has an equally mould-changing impact on many other physical things.

Most of these adaptions save money and allow you to do things more easily.

Ten Fold units solve problems and once solved can move to the next challenge.

Ten Fold Technology offers new solutions to pressing local and global problems.

Ten Fold is committed to its own Pledge to Humanity.

New solutions and new initiatives are required to bring global stability and optimism.

Ten Fold units can play an important role in helping to achieve a new balance.

Units like the TF-64 can fulfil an immediate need in bringing urgent aid.

And they can also be part of the core building blocks for restructuring.

There are lots of options and it’s all about choice.

You can bring your own technological choices to the Ten Fold table.

These units are platforms for technology, and the technology is welcome from all sources.

Almost any power system can be incorporated either within the unit or or within an external module.

Heat can be provided by solar power, fuel cell, CHP or conventional generator.

There is ample space for battery banks in the base of the chassis.

There is even the potential for a wood-fired boiler.

Yes, these units can be configured to be ready-to-use within minutes of arrival.

In some pre-provisioned models, they will be able to be used immediately.

Almost any power system can be incorporated either within the unit or or within an external module.

Some technical installations in some off-grid models may take longer to prepare for readiness than others.

The speed of preparedness is constantly improving as off-grid technology develops.

The latest developments in atmospheric water harvesting is particularly encouraging.

Eventually the market will offer all kinds of financing solutions.

Ten Fold invites approaches from Finance companies to offer mortgages terms.

Ten Fold invites Leasing companies to support the Ten Fold initiative.

There is obviously a market for hiring instant high performance ready-to-use space.

Ten Fold continues to explore the options to optimise financial accessibility to all its products.

YES, it can be off-grid.

Off-grid living presents different challenges but there are many solutions.

The facility for off-grid living is strongly influenced by climate.

It also depends on what duration and what degree of autonomy you require.

The mobile off-grid option is the ultimate expression of life-style freedom.

All the units can be equipped with sanitation but not all the videos show this.

Showers and bathrooms can be fixed inside the unit or in attached modules.

Some designs have static plumbed solutions and others have more complex folding designs.

Kitchens can also be incorporated in static or dynamic positions.

There are many options for incorporating water-borne items in Ten Fold designs.

Ten Fold delivers the comfort and familiarity of a real building, but on the move.

We license our patent-protected linkages and folding systems to create opportunities for new approaches, new design and engineering solutions and added value in all markets.

We invite manufacturers interested in using our technology to contact us: 


If you would like to know more about our global product development, manufacturing and licensing opportunities, please get in touch.

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