We believe that no matter what you're looking to accomplish - having a space that communicates the brand or organization's ethos is a central part to success. So whether you are promoting your clothing company at a music festival, responding to a natural disaster or providing office space during a renovation the people who utilize the space will feel the positive effects.

To allow for brands, individuals and organizations to have equal access to high quality space no matter where they are located. By designing around a universally recognized shipping standard we believe that we can provide units as a global solution to almost all challenges that could be overcome with a temporary structure.

Founding Story

David first became interested in prefab structures while getting his degree in Architecture at RISD. From there he spent t His previous business, Konrad Prefab, built the mobile lactation pods used by Mamava, a Burlington-based company working to make breastfeeding more accessible. In 2020, he purchased the designs of a British company, TenFold Engineering, and started adapting those to build the expandable homes at his industrial space in Vermont.

As of November 2020 TenFold moved to the United States to continue development and start manufacturing our first model. The TF-64 will be offered in two sizes, 20’ and 40’, with the 20’ version being our first to production. The TF-64 will utilize our unfolding technology to be able to expand a space by 300%. This means you will be able to move your unit easily without special permits or costs while gaining the benefit of a much larger space upon arrival at your destination. 

We are excited to be starting our time in the U.S. in Springfield, Vermont. Springfield has a rich history in machine manufacturing and we couldn’t be more excited to continue that legacy with TenFold.

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