We believe that no matter what you're looking to accomplish - having a space that communicates the brand or organization's ethos is a central part to success. So whether you are promoting your clothing company at a music festival, responding to a natural disaster or providing office space during a renovation, the people who utilize the space will feel the positive effects.

Our goal is to provide a dynamic and high end space for brands, individuals and organizations, regardless of location. By designing around a universally recognized shipping standard we believe that our units can be a global solution to many different challenges - from high quality affordable housing, to mobile stores and workshops.

Founding Story

David first became interested in prefab structures while getting his degree in Architecture at RISD. Upon graduation he dove into the tradeshow industry, starting his first business, Exhibit A. 20 years later, he started another manufacturing business, Konrad Prefab, which designed and built the mobile lactation pods used by Mamava, a Burlington-based company working to make breastfeeding more accessible. In 2020, he purchased the designs of a British company, TenFold Engineering, and has since focused on adapting those designs to develop a lighter and more manufacturable 20' long expandable space.

We're proud to be based out of Springfield, Vermont, USA. Springfield has a rich history in machine manufacturing and we couldn’t be more excited to continue that legacy with TenFold.

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