Can I invest in TenFold Engineering?

We are currently raising money.. If you are an accredited investor or investment group please send us an email to info@tenfoldengineering.com.

Do you have stock for the public to buy?

At this time we do not have any public stock offering or crowd sourced fundraising opportunities.

How do I reserve a TF-20?

We are not taking pre-orders yet. Our goal is to start taking pre-orders from commercial customers starting in 2023 and to be able to begin taking orders from residential clients starting in the Fall of 2024.

How much does a TF-20 cost?

We anticipate the TF-20 to cost between $275,00-300,000 per unit. The price of a unit will be dependent on the upfit and features the client chooses. We are not able to provide concrete pricing information yet since we are still in development of the unit and due to the constantly changing price of materials in the global market. When we get to your place in line, we will reach out to confirm pricing and the next steps. Even in this frustrating inflationary environment we still believe TenFold Engineering can deliver our revolutionary units to the public at a price that is inline with our customers expectations.

Can I finance the unit?

Yes! TenFold Engineering will be connecting customers with our financing partners. Many loan options are available. Before we finalize your unit order our financing partners will reach out to you to discuss loan options

When will you start shipping?

We hope to begin shipping units to our commercial clients beginning in Fall 2023.

Is TenFold Engineering a finished house?

Yes. Unlike other prefab housing makers, our TF-20 unit in the residential model will come to your desired location as a turnkey residence. You will of course have to have prepared the site with the necessary utilities prior to delivery but other than that the structure will be ready when it arrives except for the standard deployment.

Where will my furniture and stuff go when the unit is folded up?

One of the features all TenFold Engineering units have is our interior 40” Cargo Bay. The cargo bay will run down the center of the unit when it is folded. This space can be used for mounting equipment racks, storing furniture or carrying whatever else you are bringing with you.

Will this thing close on me and my family when we are inside?

Absolutely not! We have a pin system integrated into the legs that lock them in place and disable the folding processes to begin. On top of this the unit's controller for folding and unfolding is only accessible via a locked cabinet. And thirdly, we have other security measures in place that will ensure the safety of the occupancy of the unit.

How much does a TF-20 weigh?

The TF-20 has a nominal tare weight of approximately 14,000 lbs.

Shipping / Transport
How will these be shipped?

Easily! Your unit will be shipped on a flatbed trailer. Once you take delivery of the unit you will be responsible for supplying the necessary trailer and truck to be able to move the unit from one location to the next. If you are looking for a transportation and logistics firm to assist with this process, we can provide TenFold Approved providers.

Who will pay for the shipping?

Leasees and purchasers of TenFold Units are responsible to pay for shipping.

When do you expect to start exporting units out of the US?

At this time we do not have a set date for when we will be able to begin exporting units out of the US.

Will someone help me unload the unit?

Your account manager will work with you through this process during the lead up to the completion of your units. 

How much is shipping?

We can ship these anywhere in the world via traditional ISO shipping methods. This means they can be shipped over the road, by sea, or even by heavy lift helicopter!. A rough budget might be from $3 to $8 per mile. This is based on locality, shipping prices at the time of shipment and other factors. We will have more shipping information soon. Including a tool for a quotation. 

Can you ship internationally?

If you pay for the shipping, we will ship anywhere.

When will you start shipping?

We hope to begin shipping units to our commercial clients beginning in Fall 2023.

Where are TenFold Engineering units distributed from?

Currently, everything comes directly from us in Vermont. As we expand, we will start to build factories in other areas improving delivery times and lowering shipping costs. We are happy to ship the units everywhere.

What are the dimensions of the TF-20 during transport?

Ships as an ISO container. The unit’s dimensions during transport are: 20’ L x 8’ W x 9.5’ H.

What are the dimensions of the TF-20 after deployment?

The dimensions of the unit are: 20’ L x 24’ W x 9.5’ H. The footprint of the unit is 450 SF with an interior open space of 400 SF.

Who installs the units?

TenFold Engineering units will be installed by contractors in the location where they are delivered. Since the site preparations have to be done prior to the unit arriving, the setup is fast once on site.

Is it easy to set up?

Once the unit is delivered you then get to experience the magic of our technology. Check out this video to show you how it works. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSDsH6mwHqE We will also help partner you with a local contractor so they can connect the utilities. 

Do you need land?

Yes! You will be responsible for land, the site work, and setting it up.

How do you do land preparation?

Just like any new construction, you would need to clear your land. Additionally, you need to prepare a foundation and bring utilities to it so they can plug in once the unit is deployed. We will work with our clients prior to the delivery.

How do utilities connect?

Plumbing, electricity, and HVAC all come pre-installed in your TF-20. Utilities simply plugin on-site to the exterior corner of the unit.

Do I need a permit to put a unit on my property?

This will be dependent on your town's zoning and other regulations. We will work with you to ensure you are able to install your unit.  

Are the units stackable?

Yes! You can put a TF-20 on top of another TF-20. Please contact us with your plans prior to considering this option for your project. 

How many floors can we stack up?

The units can be stacked four high. You potentially could stack more but it is not recommended due to safety concerns and the inflated cost of installing safety exits and larger cement pads.

Can we join them together side by side?

Yes! Joining the units is simple and a great way to create larger buildings! TenFold units can be connected end to end or side by side.

Can I customize your TF-20?

At the moment, we are limiting the amount of customization that can be done. You will have options for the interior upfit, fixtures, outer cladding, and other attributes. What you cannot customize at this time is the interior layout of rooms and other structural attributes.

Where can we see a unit in person?

At this time we are retrofitting our Springfield headquarters so we can assemble units there. When this is complete we will be setting up a showroom so you will be able to come see a unit in person!

What warranty is offered?

Because we still are not shipping to the public that is still something we are working on with our internal team. We will release the details of the warranty when we release the retail model.

How long will the product last?

We expect the lifecycle of the units to be between 25-30 years. This is much longer than traditional prefab buildings since we don’t use materials that will degrade over time, like wood.

Can you tell me more about the roof?

The TF-20 has a flat roof that is watertight, insulated and snow load rated. The roof has drainage channels that allow for rain and melting snow to drain.

How insulated is a TenFold Engineering unit?

The unit is very well insulated. We are using Expanded Polystyrene Insulation, more commonly referred to as EPS. This is a type of closed cell insulation. EPS is made of 98% trapped air and only 2% plastic, making it an efficient insulator with a small amount of raw material. All the air should be trapped inside and conditioned, this means it will do great in high heat or high cold climates.

Is this earthquake tested?

We haven’t done testing on this yet and expect it to be rated for all earthquake zones. Our manufacturing method results in a very strong and resilient structure. We will post third-party test data on this once it's available.

Are they wind resistant?

TenFold Engineering units are designed to be untethered when located in a wind zone one. Zone two and three will require an engineered connection to the ground. An example of such a connection would be to have sonotubes cast and placed. The legs would then be bolted to the sonotubes. This will secure the unit during a weather event. In anticipation of a severe weather event we suggest that the unit is folded up to improve its performance during the weather event.

Are they flood resistant?

Our units are made from rust and corrosion resistant materials. The building materials won't be damaged by water, and they won't grow mold. This means if your unit does get flooded the water will not affect the integrity of the frame or base the way stick built units would be. Flooding must be handled on a case by case basis so please proceed with caution following a flooding event.

Are they fire-resistant?

While nothing is fully fireproof the materials and design of our units are specifically engineered to be resistant to fire. David Jaacks, TenFold Engineering President, is a dedicated volunteer firefighter and has been intentional about ensuring the unit's capabilities if a fire takes place. The interior and exterior of the structure are clad with non-combustible materials. This means flying embers that spread forest fires won't ignite your TF-20.

Can they handle snow?

Yes! TenFold Engineering TF-20 units are snow load rated.

Are they energy efficient?

The TF-20 is a very efficient building. We designed our units with double hulled walls. This reduces thermal bridging, heat transfer, which makes the unit keep the heat in and cold out. In fact, they use a much smaller air conditioning system than a traditional home. This is because of the high R-value insulation, tight building envelope, and limited thermal bridging.

What codes do they comply with?

TenFold Engineering buildings conform to and exceed the requirements of any building code. TenFold Engineering has designed its units to be compliant with ADA, HUD, IBC and ISO. We will be beginning the approval process in January 2023 with the intention of approval in Fall 2023.

Do you have Building Ratings?

We expect our buildings to outperform on water, wind, fire, energy, snow, and more. We will be publishing third-party test data to back up these claims when we go through the necessary testing.

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