The TF-20 is the perfect solution for any business or organization that needs a relocatable structure that can be set up quickly and easily. Its versatility, combined with its customizable options, result in a space that will deliver new opportunities and expand your organization's reach.

Thanks to our patented linkage system, our structures are easy to set up and take down — ideal for busy environments with unpredictable requirements. Utilizing a temporary structure doesn’t have to be a costly headache anymore.

Space and Time are key in the success of your project or event. 
Step 1: Transportation

Built to ISO shipping-container standards, the TF-20 is designed for easy transport using common shipping infrastructure. It's easier and less expensive to move than any other unit of this size on the market, and can be relocated at any time in the future without hassle.

Step 2: Deployment

When you arrive at your destination the TF-20 can be deployed from the transport trailer by a single person in under one hour. Simply unattach the transit straps and remove the security pins from the sidewalls. Automatic deployment is then initiated via the TFE App.

Step 3: Unloading and Leveling

After the slide out sides have completely extended, hydraulic legs lift the TF-20 off the bed of the truck. Once the trailer has been moved from beneath the unit, it lowers to the ground and begins a short self leveling sequence, which accommodates uneven ground and allows for set-up in challenging environments.

Step 4: Final Set Up

Your unit is now on the ground, and the ADA access ramps have folded down automatically. The unit is ready to be plugged into shore or solar power, and hooked up to standard RV fresh and waste water connections.


Folded Size

Exterior Dimensions: 20' L x 8' W x 9.5' H

Interior Dimensions: 20' L x 5' W x 8' H

Deployed Size

Exterior Dimensions: 20' L x 20' W x 9.5' H

Interior Dimensions: 16' L x 19' W x 9.5' H

Footprint: 400 sq. ft.


Frame only: ≈ 12,000 lbs
With Residential Outfitting: ≈ 20,000 lbs

Residential Outfitting

Includes: Kitchen, bathroom, washer & dryer, Murphy bed, living room, dining room, closet space


Insulation: R-18 (for use in cold climates)

Heating / Cooling: Self contained ductless minisplit system


Outlets & Appliances: 120V AC
Lighting: Efficient 12V DC LEDs
Deployment System: 12V DC

Hydraulic Deployment

Leveling: Automatic leveling accommodates up to 9" in surface variability


Cargo Bay Dimensions: 20' L x 5' W x 8' H

Designed to move with you at a moment's notice.
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