The TF-20 is the perfect solution for any business or organization that needs a relocatable structure that can be set up quickly and easily. Its versatility, combined with its customizable options, result in a space that will deliver new opportunities and expand your organization's reach.

Thanks to our linkage system, our structures are easy to set up and take down — ideal for busy environments with unpredictable requirements. Utilizing a temporary structure doesn’t have to be a costly headache anymore.


Closed For Transport

Mid Deployment

Deployed Raised

Fully Deployed

Space and Time are key in the success of your project or event. 
Step 1: Transportation

Transportation is an integral part of what makes our units special. By being able to easily move the units from one place to the next you are able to get the most value from your unit.

With the mobility that is created through ISO shipping you can get to your intended location at a lower price and without the headaches associated with moving traditional prefab structures. 

When you arrive at your destination the TF-20 can be deployed from the transport trailer by simply removing the security pins from the sidewalls and transit straps then initiating the deployment via the TFE App.

Step 2: Deployment

When you arrive at your destination the TF-20 can be deployed from the transport trailer by a single person. Simply remove the security pins from the sidewalls and transit straps then initiate the deployment via the TFE App.

Once the deployment sequence has been initiated you can step back and wait as the unloading process takes place.

Step 3: Unloading and Leveling

Now the unit has fully unfolded and the legs have lowered to the ground. The hydraulic legs will raise the unit so the trailer can drive out.

After the trailer has cleared the area the unit will lower itself to the ground. Once it has reached the predetermined height the unit’s legs will self level to ensure a proper interior space.

This self leveling eliminates the need for a perfectly flat surface for set up which presents more options for using the unit.

Step 4: Final Set Up

Your unit is now in place and all that is left to do is to set the accessibility ramp or stairs in place. Thanks to the low height of the unit, minimal ramps or stairs are needed to gain entry.

This process can all be done by one person in under 1 hour. Depending on the access you have to sure power, gensets or generators, you will plug the unit in to power up the lights and heating/ cooling system.



Exterior: 20' L x 8' W x 9.5' H

Interior Cargo Bay: 20' L x 4' W x 8' H

Open Space: 600 cubic ft.


Exterior: 20' L x 20' W x 9.5' H

Foot Print: 400 sq. ft.

Interior Open Space:
20' L x 20' W x 9.5' H


Nominal tar weight: 14,000 Ibs. (apx.)

Wall Features

Double Hulled Wall System

Reduced Thermal Bridging


Self Contained HVAC System

Double Hulled Wall System


Pre Wired DC
Convenience outlets AC
Led Lights

Hydraulic Deployment

Legs self level unit up 9"


Fixed 40" Cargo Bay

Designed to move with you at a moment's notice.
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